Beltian White by Harvest Moon Brewing in Montana, United States

About Beltian White by Harvest Moon Brewing

First brewed by Harvest Moon in 1998, this wheat ale is a mild version of a Belgian classic, with perfect amounts of malted barley and malted wheat, hopped with Czechoslovakian Saaz hops, and finished with a touch of coriander and orange peel. It soon developed a faithful following and has become the brewery's most popular beer, winning many people's choice awards. It is an ale for every season with a hint of fruit in the nose, subdued malty flavor and a slightly orange (citrus) finish. Often it is seved with a slice of orange! Why the name "Beltian"? Because it's a Belgian-style ale brewed in Belt - BELTian white!

Belt, Montana, is located 15 minutes southeast of Great Falls, and is home to about 700 fantastic Montanans. Harvest Moon Brewing Company calls Belt home and has named their wheat, Belgian-style ale, Beltian White, after the town.

Harvest Moon Brewing makes Beltian White Witbier