Bent Prop by Spilled Grain Brewhouse in Minnesota, United States

About Bent Prop by Spilled Grain Brewhouse

A very complex multi-layered beer with malt flavors reminiscent of an English brown porter and the light roast of a schwarzbier. A rich malty sweetness will dominate the initial sip with notes of caramel, toffee, molasses, and light chocolate. This will fade to a dry roast finish with hints of coffee and a full smooth mouthfeel. Developed and traditional in countries that border the Baltic Sea, brewers were influenced by both English porters and Russian Imperial Stouts which lead to a beer that carried characteristics from both regions. Even though it is classified as a porter (which are traditionally ales), the Baltic variety is brewed with lager yeast and cold aged (lagered) for an extended period.

It is claimed by some that civilization resulted from the discovery of beer. We are just doing our part to keep the human race moving forward.

Spilled Grain Brewhouse makes Bent Prop Baltic Porter

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