Berried Alive Raspberry Ale
Longwood Brewery

Berried Alive Raspberry Ale

British Columbia, Canada
5% ABV • IBU 15

It took years of trying to capture the taste of summer… and here it is! Start with a lightly hopped blonde ale, add fresh raspberry crumbles…ferment again, do the secret dance and now you have the perfect balance between tart and tasty. We only use the best un-pressed, West Coast raspberries to get the most flavour without the extra tannins and bitterness of the seeds. This, friends, is not so much a raspberry beer as a beer with raspberries.

MALTS: Pilsner, Pale Ale, Honey, Crystal, Roast Barley
HOPS: Perle/BC Raspberries
COLOUR: Raspberry red with a silky pink head

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