Berry Ono by Ono Brewing Company in Virginia, United States

About Berry Ono by Ono Brewing Company

Raspberry Lime Hard Seltzer

Berry Ono is a malt-based, craft hard seltzer that was infused with real raspberry puree and lime juice.  Berry Ono is a refreshing and low cal/low carb option (125 calories and 6.5g carbs per 12oz).  Ono means “delicious” in Hawaiian, so “Berry Ono” is so very (berry) delicious!


Welcome to paradise in Northern Virginia! "Ono" means delicious or tasty in Hawaiian. We are a veteran and family-owned brewery in Chantilly, Virginia with family ties to Hawaii. We feature a self-serve beer wall with 12 craft beers and hard seltzers on tap, all brewed at Ono Brewing. Come join us in paradise today!