Best Bitter by Brooklyn Brewery in New York, United States

About Best Bitter by Brooklyn Brewery

Cask-conditioned real ale is a rare pleasure in the beer world today. The beer is served as cellar temperature with a hint of carbonation from natural conditioning. This serving tends to be dismissed by many as "warm, flat beer," but generations of drinkers have fallen in love with the gentle, complex depths of a pint of true bitter. Bitters and other pub ales have inspired countless generations of brewers, including Brooklyn Brewery's Brewmaster, Garrett Oliver. He first met proper bitter in an English pub in the early 1980s, and the beer changed his life forever. Since 1997, Brooklyn Brewery has brewed cask-conditioned batches of Brooklyn Best Bitter as a continued tribute to this wonderful classic style. Very few casks make it past the brewery's Tasting Room. In fact, only April Bloomfield's restaurants, The Spotted Pig and The Breslin, can claim to have it on tap on any regular basis. A sip reveals a light, nearly fruity malt base, with hints of deeper tobacco and caramel. Herbal, earthy hops sweep in after, producing a finish described aptly by the British as "moreish." Brooklyn Best Bitter is your chance to savor a glass of living beer history.

Once an intimidating stretch of old warehouses and rough streets, Brooklyn's Northside has grown around the Brooklyn Brewery to become a cultural destination. Book Small Batch Tours and find out when to visit us on the weekends below, and check out our Events page for a complete list of public events in our Tasting Room.

Brooklyn Brewery makes Best Bitter English Bitter