Birra Moretti IPA by Heineken in North Holland, Netherlands

Birra Moretti IPA

North Holland, Netherlands
5.2% ABV

About Birra Moretti IPA by Heineken

The Italian pale ale, balanced in taste and cold hopped to enhance its aromas. It has a golden color with amber reflections, characterized by a natural turbidity due to non-filtration, compact, candid and fine foam.

It is characterized by the perfect aromatic and gustatory balance given by the balance between bitterness and aromas, result from the three hops and in particular from the cold hopping: the bitterness of the bitter hops, added when boiling, is perfectly balanced by the sweet notes of the caramel malt and from the citrus and fruity notes of the hop aroma added at the end of the boiling; a third drop of cold hops enhances the aromas of the inflorescences.

Thanks to the cold hopping, the olfactory experience is enriched with fresh herbaceous, floral and sweet fruit scents and in the end with intense citrus notes reminiscent of grapefruit. The good gustatory balance, given by the balance between the hoppy note and the sweet notes of the caramel malt, gives it a good drinkability and makes it an ideal companion for different moments of consumption. Ideal as an aperitif, its gustatory structure, supported by a prolonged persistence, makes it suitable for combining with fish dishes and hard cheeses with balsamic vinegar.

Made by Heineken

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Heineken makes Birra Moretti IPA English India Pale Ale (IPA)