Black is Beautiful Oatmeal Stout by Four Fathers Brewing Co.  in Ontario, Canada
Four Fathers Brewing Co.

Black is Beautiful Oatmeal Stout

Limited Release
10% ABV

About Black is Beautiful Oatmeal Stout by Four Fathers Brewing Co.

The Black is Beautiful initiative is a collaborative effort amongst the brewing community and its customers, in an attempt to bring awareness to the injustices that many people of colour face daily. @weatheredsoulsbrewing created this wonderful project with a mission is to bridge the long standing gap in equality, and to provide a platform to show that the brewing community is an inclusive place for everyone of any color.
There are many organizations that support the black community on an ongoing basis, and often struggle with having the resources to do so. As such, proceeds from our brew will go to The African Community Wellness Initiative, which leads, supports, and collaborates on several projects and initiatives that promote wellness in communities of African descent in the Waterloo Region. Please look further in to their great work:
đź–¤Advocating and facilitating increased African community participation in policies and programs that address barriers to our community wellness.

đź–¤Promoting Afrocentric knowledge and approaches to addressing barriers to our community wellness.

đź–¤Building on existing formal and informal African-led community supports and care practices.

An award-winning Nano-Brewery located in Rockwood, Ontario. Friendship, like our beers, is based on a simple formula: stand up 4 each other, 4 something bigger than yourself & stand up 4 the notion quality matters…