Black Swan Russian Imperial Stout by Swans Hotel & Brewpub in British Columbia, Canada

About Black Swan Russian Imperial Stout by Swans Hotel & Brewpub

Swan’s, or Buckerfield Brewery has bottled a big and strong Russian Imperial Stout called the Black Swan. The bomber bottle is labeled with a rather elagent, metallic label that looks great. The beer pours from the bottle nearly black in colour and is topped with a very thin layer of dark brown head that settles leaving light lacing behind on the glass. On the nose the Black Swan has notes of Bourbon-Oak, caramel, chocolate and molasses. The body is lightly carbonated and fairly thick. The flavour is big with toasted malts in a rich, lightly smokey package. Molasses tones join a light cherry note with the bourbon-oak tones coming in slightly later. The Black Swan is big and intense but at 8.5% it is not the roundhouse-kick that some similarly categorized beers can be. The flavour is intense but still has a balance to its complex profile and makes for a smooth and very enjoyable winter sipper. The Black Swan doesn’t find its way far outside of Victoria so you may need to plan a trip before this beer sells out.

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Swans Hotel & Brewpub makes Black Swan Russian Imperial Stout Russian Imperial Stout