Black Wolf by Hell's Basement Brewery in Alberta, Canada

About Black Wolf by Hell's Basement Brewery

Black Wolf is Hel's interpretation of a Cascadian Dark Ale. Also known as an India Black Ale, this style was born in the Cascadia region - a bioregion that was once proposed as its own country, extending from Alaska, through British Columbia, down the west coast to Oregon and northern California. The name Black Wolf is a tribute to the wolves that still roam the Cascadian valleys. It is also Hell's Basement very own offering to the wolf-dog that was sacrificed to the river serpent by a Blackfoot man in exchange for a "saamis", or medicine hat, needed to save his people from famine in their own local lore. The story of the saamis is depicted in a brick mural in Medicine Hat's City Hall. 

Medicine Hat's community craft brewery. Pouring pints and wetting whistles starting summer 2016. Locally owned and operated craft brewery dedicated to bringing quality brews to Medicine Hat and area.

Hell's Basement Brewery makes Black Wolf American Black Ale