Blanche by Pie Braque Microbrasserie in Québec, Canada

About Blanche by Pie Braque Microbrasserie

This pale wheat beer hides under its naughty veil a pretty bouquet of frivolous scents that make you want to sail on blue waters with a summer smile. Definitely better outside, this beer will be a pleasant companion in all your outdoor activities.

When served, the beer reveals its pale, veiled robe. Very effervescent, it reveals a generous white foam. On the nose, notes of citrus and spices mingle with the smell of fresh bread. On the palate, a fine and delicate body marries the freshness of wheat with the spicy taste of yeast and ends with a dry and fruity finish.

Donner le meilleur de soi-même à l'élaboration de bières de la plus haute qualité.