Blanche de Namur Rosee by Brasserie du Bocq in Namur, Belgium
Brasserie du Bocq

Blanche de Namur Rosee

Namur, Belgium
3.4% ABV • IBU 6

About Blanche de Namur Rosee by Brasserie du Bocq

A subtle blend of the unique flavour of the Blanche de Namur, to which their brewers have added natural raspberry aromas and juice. A summery flavour, not too sweet and slightly acidic to increase its refreshing power. It is the Blanche de Namur with raspberry. The raspberry masks the bitterness of the yeast, without completely making it disappear to allow it to support the mouth and avoid excessive fruitiness. The nose is very aromatic, the raspberry is omnipresent without overpowering the whole. It is bright, cheerful, a call for Spring.

It all began in 1858 when Martin Belot, farmer in Purnode, brew a beer for the first time in his farm’s outbuildings. At first, the beer was produced only in winter, the staff not being busy with field work outside of the high season. Moreover, the discovery in Purnode of a layer of water exceptional for its quality and quantity, was a great asset.

Brasserie du Bocq makes Blanche de Namur Rosee Belgian Pale Ale