The Blend 2019 by The Wild Beer Co. in Somerset - England, United Kingdom
The Wild Beer Co.

The Blend 2019

Somerset - England, United Kingdom
5% ABV • IBU 4

About The Blend 2019 by The Wild Beer Co.

This is the 5th incarnation of Wild Beer's annual golden sour blend! Traditionally released in the summer, it's a celebration of their barrel-ageing programme using a classic line up of slow maturated sours such as Sourdough, Somerset Wild and Amuse, with a few extra special barrels blended in.

2019 is a special year for The Blend as it marks the 5th year of the annual series. It's a delicate yet complex celebration of oak using some of Wild Beer's highest quality pale and sour barrels from their ageing facility.

The Blend 19 comprises of 14 barrels from 7 different beers and up to 4 years of ageing in Bordeaux wine barrels. It provides a balance of funky acidity, oak and notes of tannins and fruits. As always, a couple of fruit forward beers have made their way in to create a blend that is both ready to drink now or cellar for a number of years to come...

Discover our farmhouse brewery set in the rolling Somerset hills. Born out of a love of fermentation, Barrel-Ageing, and most importantly Flavour!