Blindman River Session Ale
Blindman Brewing

Blindman River Session Ale

Alberta, Canada
4.4% ABV • IBU 26 • SRM 5

Why start with a session ale? Here at Blindman Brewing we’re fans of all styles. We like big, bold, barrel-aged stouts. We savour the puckering sour bombs. We revel in bitter early-boil hops that scrape out tongues. But what do we drink in between, or when we can’t decide? We grab a beer that’s brimming with flavour and effortlessly devoured - Blindman River Session Ale. Featuring an intense dry hop aroma and delicious hop taste with muted bitterness, it finishes dry and leaves us wanting another. It’s a beer we can hand to friends knowing they’ll dig it. It’s a style we keep coming back to, no matter where our tastes may wonder.

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