Blue Jay White IPA
Tamarack Brewing Company

Blue Jay White IPA

Montana, United States
6.5% ABV

The idea for Tamarack Brewing Company’s Blue Jay White IPA was hatched two years ago in the heat of summer. Arriving at work one morning in Lakeside, head brewer Joe Byers said it was the chirping of a blue jay that inspired his decision to brew a batch of the white IPA.

“We took our wit recipe and basically scaled up that malt bill. And then we just hopped it heavily,” said Byers. “The lightness of this beer allows the hops to really come through without being overshadowed by caramel malt character or overwhelming bitterness.”

Blue Jay is a spiced American wheat ale married with a Northwest India pale ale. Mixing the hop character of an IPA with the wheat base and spice additions of a wit results in a refreshing brew that departs from the heavier IPA while retaining depth of complexity and flavor.