Blueberry Ale by Gahan House in Nova Scotia, Canada

About Blueberry Ale by Gahan House

Enjoy a fruit beer that isn’t afraid to be a beer. Our Blueberry Ale is the perfect blend of organic local blueberries and a snappy, refreshing wheat beer. With a malt bill of almost 50% Canadian Wheat, 50% Canadian barley, and a touch of crystal malt, it’s bursting with crisp, clean malt flavours. We add real blueberry puree during fermentation which adds a subtle fruitiness and a slightly purple cast. This unfiltered brew delivers refreshing flavours without the tiresome sweetness found in most fruit beers.

We’re proud to use PEI Berries Ltd Pure Blueberries in our Blueberry Ale:

At PEI Berries Ltd. we believe in working ‘with’ nature to learn from her to better grow and produce food while ensuring that environmental, social, and economical needs of our communities are met.  Our ‘Pure Blueberries’ product contains nothing but the nutritional goodness of 100% antioxidant-rich whole,wild blueberries; no sugar, no water, no preservatives or flavours.. nothing.  Because wild blueberries are perfect as they are.

Made by Gahan House

History has been made. One bottle at a time.

Gahan House makes Blueberry Ale Fruit / Vegetable Beer