Bobcat Red Ale by Cowbell Brewing Company in Ontario, Canada

About Bobcat Red Ale by Cowbell Brewing Company

Winner of 2021 Ontario Brewing Award of Gold for Amber and Brown American Ale, Bobcat is West Coast American Pale Ale-inspired.  Hops are loaded from top to bottom in this ruby-red beer showing off aromatic pine, zest, fresh citrus and tropical fruit. The body is smooth and gently bitter, while the hop aromas are bright and vibrant.

Tasting Notes: Bright citrus, zesty tropical fruit, piney spice

Pairings: BBQ, spiced dishes, pub fare, sharp cheeses

Certified Vegan by BevVeg International.

Craft beer that rings true!

Cowbell Brewing Company makes Bobcat Red Ale American Amber / Red Ale