Bock Lager
Chuckanut Brewery

Bock Lager

Washington, United States
6.6% ABV • IBU 25 • SRM 37

Dark, strong, malty, toffeeish, full bodied

 In 1612 Munich brewers made Bock and the public instantly fell in love with the beer. Bock Beers are strong and malty, with a smoothness developed over months of cold aging. Chuckanut uses twice the amount of malt in our bock then any of our other beers and the long aging time (between 10-12 weeks) delivers an alcohol strength of over 6 percent. This lager is a great Yule time treat!

FOOD PAIRING : Our Yamburrito will find Bock Beer an elegant accompaniment. Burgers, Ribs, and other Pork dishes are an absolutely spectacular match. Do not forget about dessert, Chuckanut Strong Bock can be a great combination with any of our desserts.

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