Bombardier Amber Beer by Eagle Brewery in Bedfordshire - England, United Kingdom
Eagle Brewery

Bombardier Amber Beer

Bedfordshire - England, United Kingdom
4.7% ABV

About Bombardier Amber Beer by Eagle Brewery

Bombardier Amber Beer is brewed using the finest British Hops and fresh mineral water from the Eagle Brewery Well. A fruity aroma and rich malty taste provides a crisp, mouth-watering beer. Tangy fuggles hops and sultana fruit flavour finish off the palate. Bombardier is a beer for those who embrace their independent spirit and march to their own drum.

Savour the distinct aroma, then surrender to the perfect balance of malty richness, tangy hops and sultana fruit on the palate. Our own natural mineral water, the ripest English fuggles hops and crushed crystal malt deliver this experience of England in a glass. Brace yourself for a long soft spicy finish.

Made by Eagle Brewery

Take a different view. The eagle has been associated with the town of Bedford for centuries, but you will notice there’s a difference in the way the Eagle Brewery represents its bird, it looks to the left, we believe this represents the company’s unique point of view. To this day, Eagle Brewery embraces different perspectives.