Boomtown Lager by Medicine Hat Brewing Company in Alberta, Canada

About Boomtown Lager by Medicine Hat Brewing Company

In the early 1900’s Medicine Hat was referred to as “Boomtown” because of the the large industries that were created near the banks of the South Saskatchewan in Medicine Hat Boomtown Lager takes on this name with great pride and we expect to see the lager’s popularity grow rapidly, similar to the growth of Medicine Hat back in the Boomtown era.

The Boomtown Lager is Medicine Hat Brewing Company’s take on a Vienna Lager when lager yeast was first isolated. The Vienna Lager was one of the first styles of lager brewed.

Our Boomtown is true to style and perfect to introduce industrial pale lager drinkers to the world of craft beer. Neither overly malty, nor overly hoppy, Boomtown is the perfect combination of malt and hops making it enjoyable to the novice, but with enough flavour to keep the craft beer aficionado interested.

Smooth and satisfying with a crisp finish, the Vienna and Munich malts shine through without overwhelming the palate of the one enjoying the Lager.

1912 the first Medicine Hat Brewing Company was formed & over a century later we have dusted the name off and again serve up a #TimelessCraftBeer

Medicine Hat Brewing Company makes Boomtown Lager Vienna Lager