Bootlegger 1974 by Wrexham Lager in Clwyd - Wales, United Kingdom
Wrexham Lager

Bootlegger 1974

Clwyd - Wales, United Kingdom
5% ABV

About Bootlegger 1974 by Wrexham Lager

Bootlegger 1974 Pilsner is a crisp, clean Pilsner style lager, with subtle tones, not overly hopped, just as the Captain likes it. Golden amber in colour and deceivingly easy on the palate. It is the perfect working man's tonic after a grueller in work.

Made by Wrexham Lager

Inspired by Bavarian tradition; built for modern times. Wrexham Lager has stood the test of time by providing the World with the exquisite taste of Welsh liquid gold.