Cuivrée by Boréale (Brasseurs du Nord) in Québec, Canada

About Cuivrée by Boréale (Brasseurs du Nord)

A strong ale, Boréale Cuivrée is the one Boréale that is just as enjoyable well-chilled as at cellar temperature. A smooth, richly flavoured beginning of caramel and fruit gives way to riffs of bitterness, alcohol and heat as a wilder side kicks up its heels. Serve Cuivrée well-chilled (6°C) to bring out its bitter side, or allow it to warm a few degrees (to 12°C) to accentuate its mellow and fruity character. An excellent foil for full-flavoured fine cheeses. This all-natural ale brewed from superior ingredients: water, a double ration of pale malt from two-row barley and of caramel malts, hops and yeast.

Brasser d’authentiques bières de caractère sans compromis : pur malt, toutes naturelles, que les meilleurs ingrédients sont utilisés et nous y mettons le meilleur de nous-mêmes. Brew genuine beers of character without compromise: pure malt, all natural, the best ingredients are used and we put the best of ourselves.

Boréale (Brasseurs du Nord) makes Cuivrée Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)