Bourbon Barrel Doppelbock by Lakefront Brewery in Wisconsin, United States

About Bourbon Barrel Doppelbock by Lakefront Brewery

Way, way before supplements and smoothies, Doppelbock was the original meal-replacement drink. This medieval brotein shake, packed with dried fruit and golden-brown biscuit flavors from roasted Munich malts, served as “liquid bread” during times of fasting for the German friars who first brewed it. Now—thanks to modern nutrition and Kentucky distilleries—we can hold our Doppelbock in bourbon barrels for six months, where it picks up notes of vanilla, oak, and black pepper. Bulk up and bock out!

Lakefront Brewery is a leader in brewing the best beers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Started in 1987, Lakefront Brewery has been brewing for more than 28 years.

Lakefront Brewery makes Bourbon Barrel Doppelbock Doppelbock