Boxer Hard Root Beer by Minhas Micro Brewery in Alberta, Canada

About Boxer Hard Root Beer by Minhas Micro Brewery

Remember going to the drive-in and chugging down a frothy mug of root beer? Now you can experience that feeling again... The right ingredients and flavors to achieve an old-fashioned Root Beer taste in the new Boxer Hard Root Beer... Minhas added 5.5% alcohol to give it a real kick...Get your frosty mug ready as this is best when served cold!

The Minhas Micro Brewery in northeast Calgary and is located only minutes from the Calgary International Airport. The Minhas Micro Brewery invites beer lovers to see behind-the-scenes of a brewhouse where we make small batch ultra premium craft beer such as the legendary Imperial Jack Double IPA and the groundbreaking Lazy Mutt Gluten Free Lager.

Minhas Micro Brewery makes Boxer Hard Root Beer Fruit / Vegetable Beer