Brakeman Brown Ale by Siding 14 Brewing Company in Alberta, Canada

About Brakeman Brown Ale by Siding 14 Brewing Company

This Brown Ale stays true to the characteristics of an American Brown Ale with hints of chocolate and toasted nuts. A bit of hop bitterness goes nicely with the richness of the chocolate.

Why Brakeman? Paying homage to the jobs on the railway, the Brakeman rode in the caboose, which was built specially to allow a crew member to apply the brakes of the caboose quickly and easily, which would help to slow the train. In rare cases, such as descending a long, steep grade, brakemen might be assigned to several cars and be required to operate the brakes from atop the train while the train was moving.  Our Brown Ale is exactly what a Brakeman would drink after a particularly hard ride.

We grow it, you drink it.

Siding 14 Brewing Company makes Brakeman Brown Ale American Brown Ale