Braveheart Chest Beater by 4 Mile Brewing Company in British Columbia, Canada
4 Mile Brewing Company

Braveheart Chest Beater

8% ABV • IBU 35

About Braveheart Chest Beater by 4 Mile Brewing Company

Pouring this beer from the bomber bottle it is a colour of deep chestnut brown and is topped with two fingers of very dense and heavily lacing head. From the beer comes notes of vanilla and oak with a light bourbon tone. The toasted malt character also comes through in spades. The aroma of this beer is rather tame for a Bourbon Barrel Aged beer but still has some serious kick to it. Tasting the beer the big, toasted malt character of the Scotch Ale comes through up front as a smokey oak character builds behind. The oak seems to give more flavour than the bourbon making for an earthy and fairly dry finish. Bourbon can be a great addition to beer but often takes control and doesn’t let the beer shine, here it is an accent that adds to the complex flavour profile of a well made Scotch Ale.

Our history brews a tale from 1858. From brothel to ghosts, sea captains & rogues. Now beer.

4 Mile Brewing Company makes Braveheart Chest Beater Scottish Ale