Brewce's Valley Lager by Wayfarers' Ale Society in Nova Scotia, Canada
Wayfarers' Ale Society

Brewce's Valley Lager

5% ABV • IBU 18

About Brewce's Valley Lager by Wayfarers' Ale Society

Who knew? The rivers of the Annapolis Valley empty into the Minas Basin, home of the world's highest tides. Under the Basin's surface lurks another superlative. Great Whites! Brewce's buddies have been coming to the Valley every summer for years to enjoy its bounties!

In this can is another of the Valley's Greats. Clean, crisp and refreshing, Brewce's Valley Lager is now available for enjoyment outside of the Valley. Prost!

The name Wayfarers' Ale is a tribute to an old custom in England where medieval travellers, 'wayfarers' as they were known, would stop at local churches, knock on the door, and be given a small horn of ale and a piece of bread to refresh and help them along their journey.

Wayfarers' Ale Society makes Brewce's Valley Lager American Adjunct Lager