Brewer's Reserve No.2 by Fuller's Brewery in London - England, United Kingdom
Fuller's Brewery

Brewer's Reserve No.2

London - England, United Kingdom
8.2% ABV • SRM 17

About Brewer's Reserve No.2 by Fuller's Brewery

Hidden in the cellars of Fuller's Brewery, twenty fine cognac casks sat silently for a year. Inside them wasn’t brandy, but beer – Fuller’s Brewer’s Reserve No.2 – slowly but surely absorbing luxurious flavours from the solid oak surroundings.

The finished beer has a deep bronze colour. The aroma is oaky with tart orange and vinous fruits and a powerful hint of Cognac. Rich fruit fills the mouth with Cognac and oak notes. The finish is sweet to start but becomes dry with a faint note of hop resins, blood oranges, Cognac and a continuing oaky/woody character.

The Fuller's Brewery in Chiswick, London dates back to 1828, but Fuller's has been brewing for more than 160 years. As you might expect, it’s a place with plenty of tales to tell.

Fuller's Brewery makes Brewer's Reserve No.2 English Strong Ale