Brick Maker Common by Muddy York Brewing Co. in Ontario, Canada

About Brick Maker Common by Muddy York Brewing Co.

The California Common style is brewed with a special strain of lager yeast that ferments at ale temperatures. This lager yeast provides a beautiful array of fruity esters in the aroma and is balanced with woody and sometimes mint flavours that come from Northern Brewer hops. In the late 19th century brickyards were one of the main sources of employment in the East End of the city. The common men and women who toiled in these brickyards provided the bricks to build the houses that some of us live in to this day! This unique beer is dedicated to the brick makers of Muddy York.

Nice to meet you! We’re Muddy York Brewing Co., a small batch brewery in the East York area of Toronto.

Muddy York Brewing Co. makes Brick Maker Common California Common / Steam Beer