Brick And Mortar Porter by Medicine Hat Brewing Company in Alberta, Canada

About Brick And Mortar Porter by Medicine Hat Brewing Company

In the early 1900’s Medicine Hat was booming with mills and factories springing up in the city’s industrial districts on streets near the South Saskatchewan River.  The original Medicine Hat Brewery was one that benefited from the boom, as was the clay industry which saw its first brickyard appear in 1886 and saw companies such as I-XL thrive in the city for over one hundred years. Our Brick & Mortar Porter is named after the clay trade that helped put Medicine Hat on the map.  This Porter is a slightly smoother, sweeter version of a robust porter. Too dark in color and high in alcohol to be considered an English Porter, the Brick and Mortar Porter might be considered middle ground between an English style and robust porter. Chocolate and coffee notes are supported by caramel malts giving it a lightly sweet finish. The perfect end to a hard day’s work.

1912 the first Medicine Hat Brewing Company was formed & over a century later we have dusted the name off and again serve up a #TimelessCraftBeer

Medicine Hat Brewing Company makes Brick And Mortar Porter American Porter

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