Broadside Northwest Ale by Lighthouse Brewing Company in British Columbia, Canada
Lighthouse Brewing Company

Broadside Northwest Ale

4.3% ABV • IBU 95

About Broadside Northwest Ale by Lighthouse Brewing Company

As a part of the Explorer Series the Broadside is a Northwest-Style Ale from the Lighthouse Brewing Company. This beer pours from the 355ml can a colour of gold with two fingers of loose and lightly lacing head. The aroma is strong with pine notes and a kick of citrus mango. The aroma is a blend of traditional hop notes with new wave tropical flavour. Tasting the beer is it light bodied and relatively modest in the flavour. The malt character is smooth and sits along side a line pine-bitterness. The tropical fruit flavours are quite light but add a lightness to the beer. At the finish line bitterness grows and leaves a fairly dry palate. This beer is light bodied, light in alcohol but packs some bitterness and hop infusion to add some jump to its step.

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Lighthouse Brewing Company makes Broadside Northwest Ale American Pale Ale (APA)