Brooklyn Hecla Iron Ale
Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Hecla Iron Ale

New York, United States
3.4% ABV

Brooklyn Hecla Iron Ale is a flavorful dark ale celebrating the old Hecla Iron Works, which once occupied the building that is now our brewhouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Named for a fierce Nordic volcano, Hecla Iron Works products were relied upon for projects from the New York Stock Exchange to the cast iron plates of Soho’s skyscrapers. They also gained renown for their pioneering work in delicate scrollwork and intricate decorations, examples of which can still be seen on the windowsills of the Brooklyn Brewery warehouse. Hecla Iron Ale is forged of rugged roast malts and resilient herbal hops to create a light yet robust beer fit to satisfy any hard worker.

Pair with stews, grilled meats, barbecue chicken, toasted marshmallows, spinach salads, cheddar cheese, and hard work.