Buck Tooth by Troubled Monk Brewery in Alberta, Canada
Troubled Monk Brewery

Buck Tooth

4.6% ABV • IBU 14 • SRM 3

About Buck Tooth by Troubled Monk Brewery

When Doris Forbes rescued Mickey the Beaver in the 1930, an unusual friendship was born.Mickey would chew on the wooden furniture, try to 'dam' up the doors and would become grumpy when Doris was away. Despite Mickey's troubled behavior, their odd friendship grew. While Mickey's fame spread and he soon became beloved throughout Red Deer and the world, Doris and Mickey's bond remained strong, proving that sometimes best friends are the most unlikely.The Troubled Monk Belgian White (Witbier) was brewed to toast their legendary friendship. Enjoy its creamy, light body, citrus and spicy notes with your own unusual friends

The Troubled Monk is a whimsical reference to the long forgotten passion of a young brewer who joyfully crafted excellent beers through the alchemy of fermentation.

Troubled Monk Brewery makes Buck Tooth Witbier