Burnout Brown Ale by Firetrucker Brewery in Iowa, United States

About Burnout Brown Ale by Firetrucker Brewery

Nut up and dump the clutch! Our American brown ale will get you ready to roll! It's dry, smooth and easy to drink. Clean on the pallet yet filled with caramel flavors that are balanced with hops. Crystal 60 & chocolate malts balanced with caramelized sugars give it a deep malt flavor. It's approachable for light beer drinkers and not too bitter.

Beer is art. The art of craft beer begins with a spirit of innovation, a sense of community and the desire to improve life. We enjoy creating and sharing craft beer because it brings people together. By appreciating the simple, yet finer things, our quality of life improves. Also beer is awesome!

Firetrucker Brewery makes Burnout Brown Ale American Brown Ale