Bussman Cranberry Sour by Medicine Hat Brewing Company in Alberta, Canada

About Bussman Cranberry Sour by Medicine Hat Brewing Company

Oregon Fruit Products and Medicine Hat Brewing Company are proud to collaborate to bring you Bussmann Cranberries in this holiday creation. In every great beer is great ingredients. From the malt, to the hops, to the fruit, it is all part of crafting a delicious beverage. With both companies sharing a long history for quality, they were inspired by a fruit with an equally rich history: The cranberry. And they knew just the farmer.

This prized fruit was known as a common delicacy that indigenous people shared with explorers throughout North America. To this day, the cranberry still has an extraordinary way of gathering people together as it remains a staple of holiday celebrations and family functions.

Bussmann Cranberries has been using the unique fertile landscape of the Southern Oregon Coast to grow some of the reddest, sweetest cranberries around. Located on Oregon’s westernmost cape, these cranberries thrive in the sandy marine soil with the Pacific Ocean on each side of the property. Harvested in bogs, these marsh-like bodies of water help the ripest berries float, which guarantees only the best berries are picked.

Fruit, like beer, has a way of uniting people. That’s why two timeless companies are bringing you a timeless craft beer to enjoy with friends and family this holiday season. 

1912 the first Medicine Hat Brewing Company was formed & over a century later we have dusted the name off and again serve up a #TimelessCraftBeer

Medicine Hat Brewing Company makes Bussman Cranberry Sour American Wild / Sour Ale

Awards & Achievements for this American Wild / Sour Ale