Cactus Tap by Prairie Sun Brewery in Saskatchewan, Canada

About Cactus Tap by Prairie Sun Brewery

Cactus Tap is hands down the perfect hot weather beer, Cerveza is a Mexican Lager, light and crisp.  Cactus tap is brewed with agave syrup, the same fermentable used for making tequila, giving an earthy flavour to the brew.  This beer is extensively cold aged with a portion of the beer aged in a tequila barrel and then blended back.  The barrel aging adds complexity and spirit flavour making this light beer both refreshing and intriguing. We added lime to this brew to give it a delicious citrus taste. 


A locally focused, Saskatoon brewery that handpicks all its ingredients to produce the best small-batch brews in the world-innovative beers with distinct flavor

Prairie Sun Brewery makes Cactus Tap American Pale Lager