Cali Common by Hearthstone Brewery in British Columbia, Canada
Hearthstone Brewery

Cali Common

Limited Release
5.3% ABV • IBU 33 • SRM 11

About Cali Common by Hearthstone Brewery

Hearthstone Brewery out of North Vancouver changed up the name of one of their flagship beers from the Common Man to the Cali Common – a beer using lager yeast but fermented at ale temperatures to provide a crisp yet flavourful brew.  The Cali Common pours from the 473mL can a clear golden-copper colour with one finger of white head that takes some time to dissipate and leaves some lacing behind on the glass.  The aroma is mostly bready and toasty, with some subtle sweetness and a crisp, light citrus note.  In the mouth the beer is clean, with caramel and light herbal flavours most prominent.  Cali Common is crisp and clean, finishing with a present but subtle bitterness.

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Hearthstone Brewery makes Cali Common American Pale Lager