Camp Fire by Confluence Brewing Company in Iowa, United States

About Camp Fire by Confluence Brewing Company

Iowans have always loved the great outdoors. Iowa is home to 85 state parks as well as scores of city and county parks. Our Camp Fire Black Lager is a salute to these wilderness areas across our great state. This beer conjures memories of sitting around a campfire or bonfire on a cool autumn evening with family and friends, sharing good times. This German-inspired black lager (not brewed to a particular style) is delicious, rich and smokey. It’s brewed with pilsner, Munich, and Vienna malts and several medium and dark caramel malts. We also included bittered black malt for depth of color and complexity of flavor. Noble German hops balance the rich malt backbone. Like a perfect campfire, this black lager offers a pleasant hint of smoke that’s not overpowering.

It all started, improbably enough, with a failed attempt to make “raisin almond beer.”

Confluence Brewing Company makes Camp Fire Schwarzbier