Campground Common by Granville Island Brewing in British Columbia, Canada

About Campground Common by Granville Island Brewing

Local ingredients, sustainable practices and celebrating new partnerships are a big part of Granville's first collaboration brew with Pemberton Music Festival. Handcrafted on Granville Island from local hops, this bright peppy California Common is perfect for making new friends and memories this summer. Campground Common was modeled after a California Common style beer, also known as a Steam Beer. The distinguishing feature of a California Common is fermenting lager yeast at temperatures above its standard range. This creates a beer light in body and crisp like a lager, but with more round fruity flavours and a touch more richness like an ale.

Pale orange in appearance, this Campground Common is mildly fruity with a medium hop bitterness. Citrus flavours of lemon zest and fresh orange play overtop a soft bready malt body and finish with hints of lemon tart and digestive cookie. Pair with a California style chicken burger and you’ll be one happy camper! Brewed in the spirit of community and the collective vibe of amazing people, it’s the beer for get-togethers, camping trips and (obviously) – music festivals!


In 1984 something happened that forever changed the local beer industry: Granville Island Brewing opened the doors to Canada’s first microbrewery. And in doing so, we opened hearts and minds to a whole new beer drinking experience.

Granville Island Brewing makes Campground Common California Common / Steam Beer