Campside by Upland Brewing Company in Indiana, United States

About Campside by Upland Brewing Company

The smell of pine on a hike through the forest. The refreshing crispness of citrus on a hot day at the lake. The sweetness of a warm breeze under the stars. This is the essence of summer and the flavors of Campside. This session IPA is built on the foundation of delicate light malts, allowing us to showcase some of the most interesting and effervescent American hops in a way we have never before done.  We saved over 75% of the hops used in this recipe to add after the batch was boiled, allowing the distinct fragrance of grapefruit, apricot and pine to be preserved as much as possible in the finished beer. With a crisp, but subtle bitterness, a light malt character, and a 4.5 ABV, this is the perfect warm weather beverage for those who think flavor is just as important as refreshment.

Well-made beer meets progressive Midwestern culture.

Upland Brewing Company makes Campside American IPA