Canterbury Dark Mild Lager
Pacific Western Brewing Co.

Canterbury Dark Mild Lager

British Columbia, Canada
5% ABV

Specialty Lager: Caramel bodied with delicate aroma hops and a pleasant finish
Canada’s first copper-coloured lager, Canterbury Dark Mild is brewed with the finest hops, yeast and most importantly, two-row malted barley. This distinctive beer is an homage to the finest of British brews and a favourite of those want mouth-filling flavour when they’re in the pub or at home.

Tasting Notes

Canterbury features a smooth, mature taste to complement its bold, rich colour while retaining a lager’s traditional, fresh finish. This classically brewed beer is a tad sweeter than its pale pilsner cousins and a natural complement to a good Irish Stew or other full-bodied fare. The ideal match is most pub grub like fish and chips or steak and kidney pie.