Hazy Horizon Hefeweizen by Caravel Craft Brewery in Alberta, Canada

About Hazy Horizon Hefeweizen by Caravel Craft Brewery

Inspired by the haze observed on the sea by many an explorer while navigating the thrill of the unknown and hope of things to come. Through the hazy horizon therein lies your path, and on that path why not enjoy a deliciously unfiltered and misty brew of Hefeweizen. The wheat malt and yeast are carefully selected to create this exquisite new blend featuring a signature clove character and sophisticated tartness. Join us on this exploration of unique and unforgettable taste

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Caravel Craft Brewery has over 10 years of brewing experience. Check out Caravel Craft Brewery's list of craft beers, contact info, and more.

Caravel Craft Brewery makes Hazy Horizon Hefeweizen Hefeweizen

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