Cariboo Blonde by Cariboo Brewing in British Columbia, Canada

About Cariboo Blonde by Cariboo Brewing

Expertly crafted with the woods of Boo country in mind, this blonde is brewed to the Bavarian purity standards and is dangerously smooth. Made with our virgin spring water, perfectly roasted Pilsner malts and hops from a Germanic hop heaven, you will think somebody has run off with your beer when you look down and your glass is empty… don’t worry, it is just that good!

Tasting Notes

An easy drinking, summer lager that is white gold in color with a crisp, light malt finish. Pair with full bodied sunshine and nice racks of well done BBQ ribs.

Made by Cariboo Brewing

Celebrate a local micro-brewing legacy with a cold Cariboo – the best value for your buck.

Cariboo Brewing makes Cariboo Blonde American Blonde Ale