Cariboo Pale

Since the beginning, the most important ingredient in a good Pale Ale is the water. Brewed with our 100% pure BC spring water and a generous portion of Cascade Mountain Hops, this Pale Ale is quickly becoming the heart of our summer operation. With a refreshing, full flavored taste that is smooth and satisfying, Cariboo Pale Ale is the kind of beer that brings the familiar into focus, making the important things easier to notice. It’s where the Summer goes to get a lil cooler and you should too.

Tasting Notes

Medium body with a bouquet of hop and sweet malt aromas. The overall character is greatly influenced by the top fermenting Ale yeast that gives the beer some nice fruity ester characteristics. We balance our Cariboo Pale Ale with a dash full of sweet caramel malts and it goes well with BBQ or grilled meat.