Charles Henri: Amber Ale Ambrée
Brasserie Les 2 Frères

Charles Henri: Amber Ale Ambrée

Québec, Canada
6.2% ABV • SRM 15

The Charles Henri brand beers from Brasserie Les 2 Freres were named for the two brothers' grandfather who was very influential in their lives. Amber Ales typically have a complex malt character and pronounced bitterness with a strong hops flavour that makes them great for grilling season.

Appearance: Variable clarity and head retention with amber colour.

Flavour & Aroma: Complex malt character, fruity character from the yeast.

Palate & Mouthfeel: Light/medium carbonation and weight, smooth texture, malt flavours linger in the finish.

Food Pairings: Steak, sausages, grilled lamb, cheeses