Charles Henri Belgian White/Blanche Belge
Brasserie Les 2 Frères

Charles Henri Belgian White/Blanche Belge

Québec, Canada
5.1% ABV • IBU 19 • SRM 3

Notre blanche de style belge, brassée avec une bonne dose de blé, est très rafraîchissante. Elle offre des arômes de tangerine, de coriande de d’écorce d’orange.

Accords : poissons – crevettes grillées – fromage de chèvre

Our Belgian style white beer is brewed with a good dose of wheat and is very refreshing. It has tangerine, coriander and orange peel aromas.

The Charles Henri brand beers from Brasserie Les 2 Freres were named for the two brothers' grandfather who was very influential in their lives.

Food Pairings: fish, grilled shrimp and goat cheese.

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