Vha-Shade Chaser IPA
Little Creatures Brewing

Vha-Shade Chaser IPA

Western Australia, Australia
6.5% ABV • IBU 45 • SRM 7

Summer days in Australia can be blisteringly hot and relentlessly long. For lovers of beer they’re best signed off with a bold, refreshing Summer IPA, just like this second Single Batch VHA release. This time around we’ve looked towards the famously hop-centric US West Coast IPA style.

To honour its uncomplicated malt profile, we’ve introduced the UK Maris Otter Pale Malt. Known for its humble ‘malty’ notes we’ve combined it with some big punchy citrus characters from the freshest available new harvest of US Citra hops. An unyielding, yet not excessive, bitterness will then lead you into a deliciously dry finish, allowing those Citra hops to shine and quench that thirst.