Chateau Americana by Wanderlust Brewing Company in Arizona, United States

About Chateau Americana by Wanderlust Brewing Company

The Chateau is Wanderlust's hoppiest beer, but that doesn’t make it a hop bomb. They wanted to brew something that melded a traditional belgian yeast, with all it’s beautiful spiciness, with an american-style hopping approach. The result of that is the Chateau Americana. Wanderlust starts with a crisp, clean grain bill with a bit of maltiness to it to balance the hop bite, and then hop it using a primarily american style set of hops. This gives a nice citrus flavor which complements the belgian yeast that they use to give additional dimension and backbone. It’s a filtered beer so it has beautiful clarity and a nice fluffy white head. Wanderlust calls it a Belgian Pale Ale, some say it borders on a Belgian IPA.