Chateau d’Outcast by Outcast Brewing in Alberta, Canada
Outcast Brewing

Chateau d’Outcast

6.5% ABV • IBU 15

About Chateau d’Outcast by Outcast Brewing

Brut IPA - hopped only in the whirlpool and with a big dry hop of hallertau blanc and mosaic hops. Meant to taste like hoppy champagne, the addition of amylase in the fermenter turns starches into fermentables resulting in a thinner body and a dry taste. The hops selected as well as the increased carbonation level make this an interesting experiment into a new IPA style, with a white wine like flavour and wine+hoppy aroma.

Made by Outcast Brewing

Opened in Calgary, Alberta in November 2016.

Outcast Brewing makes Chateau d’Outcast American IPA