Cherry IPA by Strathcona Beer Company in British Columbia, Canada

About Cherry IPA by Strathcona Beer Company

Strathcona Beer Company brings out their Cherry IPA, an intersting and uncharacteristic take on the IPA style. The beer pours an opaque mahogany  with one finger of brown head leaving plenty of lacing behind in the glass. The aroma is of rich malts, dark fruits, plum, cherry and a prominent earthy aroma. In the mouth, the flavour is of bitter chocolate, wood, earth and dark fruit. Hints of molasses lead into the slightest of hop presences, but these are quickly overtaken by the strong malt character.

Strathcona Beer Company is driven to provide a premium, fresh and quality product. We were founded by an impassioned group of friends with deep-rooted connections to our neighbourhood and an appreciation for local and international beer.

Strathcona Beer Company makes Cherry IPA American IPA