Chesapeake Cream Ale by Barnhouse Brewery in Virginia, United States
Barnhouse Brewery

Chesapeake Cream Ale

4.6% ABV • IBU 19 • SRM 4

About Chesapeake Cream Ale by Barnhouse Brewery

Barnhouse Brewery makes their cream ale just like the german immigrant brewers did back in the day, by using corn in a “cereal mash”. They grind dent corn from a local farm into grits and then boil it before adding it to the main mash. The resulting beer is very light and refreshing with a slight corn sweetness in the flavor and a subdued hop presence to let the graininess come through. 

We are a small country brewery that focuses on making great beer for our local community. We make every effort to use locally grown ingredients from our home grown hops to produce and grain from our local farmers.